22:October 2018

Applying Makeup for Photographs

Once you've selected the best foundation makeup for your needs, you'll want to make sure you apply it and the rest of your makeup correctly. To do so: Check the lighting. You'll want to apply your foundation in natural light because artificial light can give a false impression of either the color you are using, or the amount of makeup you are applying. Moisturize. Moisturize your skin as usual, allowing enough time for the cream to be absorbed into your skin. Use a primer: Once you've moisturized, you'll want to reach for a primer. A good primer will help your pores look smaller and help the makeup adhere to skin. A good one to try is Smashbox's Photo Finish or Urban Decays' Complexion Primer Potion. Apply your makeup normally, but use bolder colors that you typically would. This will allow your makeup to show up on film, even in the face of flash bulbs. This is important because many colors, like a neutral brown, or nude lips, don't show up in photographs. A key exception is if the emphasis is on your eyes; in that case, you can go with pinky/nude lips. Don't forget your blush. Blush is tricky, but you will want to apply slightly more than you would normally wear during your daily activities. To help ensure that you don't apply too much, opt for a shade that exactly matches your skin color when you naturally flush.


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