07:May 2018

During the Photo Shoot

The most important thing to remember during a photo shoot is to have fun! Ideally you've done all the preparation beforehand and it'll be smooth sailing going forward. But even on those days when you're rushing to get to the location or you left a prop or piece of clothing at home, or it started to rain before your outdoor shoot could even begin, you need to remember to relax and have fun. Any pictures you take will reflect your mood that day and, if you want to get the best shots, you need to be prepared to leave whatever is stressing you behind before stepping in front of the camera. Or, if it's possible, to take what's stressing you and channel that energy into your modeling. If traffic is terrible and you're taking dramatic head shots, channel that frustration through your eyes and stance. Other ways to get in the right frame of mind for a photo shoot can include playing music. The right playlist can relax you, lighten your mood, or increase the drama and the sexiness of your poses (shoutout to Beyoncé and Bruno Mars for always getting me in the right frame of mind!).


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