22:October 2018

Learning the Art of Posing

Keep good posture.

Unless your photographers tell you to be inspired by those awkward, uncomfortable looking mannequins in the Forever 21 windows, hold yourself confidently and high. You'll look much taller and thinner if you keep your back straight and your shoulders back. Whatever size you are, hold your stomach in as well if you want to look more toned

Practice, practice, practice

. Research poses in magazines from models you'd like to emulate and practice them at home. When it comes to your next photo shoot you'll feel a lot more confident. Also, ask for advice from the directors of previous assignments so you know what types of posture and positions make the most of your body.As you get going, you'll realize what elements of the photo the staff is trying to emphasize. Think of yourself as a machine to display the beauty of the image; you're there to emphasize the clothes, the makeup, or the feel of the photograph. What can you do to make the picture more cohesive? Take the emphasis off yourself and think of the bigger picture


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