23:October 2018

Outdoor Photoshoot Behind the Scenes with Natural Posing

Basic Photo Posing Rules


  • Study yourself in the mirror and practice expressions, especially your smile. Be on the lookout for too much gum showing, squinting your eyes, wrinkling your nose and forehead.
  • If you smile all the time in pictures practice NOT smiling and visa versa.
  • Practice full, ¾ , ½ smiles and closed lip smiles.
  • Radiate warmth by thinking of pleasant thoughts
  • Remember the camera is the winning BULLS EYE.
  • Most important RELAX and HAVE FUN!! This is the quality that is attractive. Go ahead and “Show Off!


  • When in a pose, relax the muscles and breathe from the diaphragm to avoid looking stiff. Shoulders relaxed.
  • Always keep your back straight! Even when you are bending forward, etc.
  • Do not stand with your body directly square to the camera.
  • Avoid a “straight to the camera” body position. Twist your body a bit.
  •  When sitting No knees straight towards the camera place them sideways.
  • Think angles… how many different lines can you make with your arms and legs?
  • Over the belt buckle technique. With a straight back lean forward a little to avoid looking stiff. Use the “over the belt” technique when you are sitting too!


  • The Orange Technique. Pretend there is an orange under your chin so you always keep space there, so when asked to drop your chin you do not create a double chin.
  • Turtle neck Technique. Just like a turtle juts his head out of his shell.  Pull your chin out ever so slightly to avoid double chins.
  • Head tilt to the left is feminine. Right is masculine. Females can use both tilts.
  • DO NOT CLASP or STACK your hands on top of each other.
  • Relax your hands and fingers and let them drop naturally.
  • Do not grasp or interlock hands onto furniture props etc.
  • Don’t project the hands toward the lens and keep them within the range of focus.
  •  Hands above your waist, the fingers should be directed upwards.
  •  Hands below the waist, the fingers should be directed downward.
  •  Do not use fists at anytime.
  • When placing hands in pockets have at least one finger or your thumb showing.
  • Feet, knees, arms, hands and elbows at different levels are more interesting than when placed side by side.
  • When placing hands on your waist or hips always “break at the wrists” dropping your wrists with your fingers upward.

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