23:October 2018

What to Wear for the photoshoot ?

The dressing code/ style are a free choice for the participant, but it is advisable to be colorful and summery. You can bring your own outfit as many as you like. It’s important to be comfortable. -White, black, blues, greys, purples and greens look lovely on anyone, any time of year, and flatter any complexion. -Again, iron or steam your clothing before your shoot. -Wear something that isn’t pilled, doesn’t have holes or stains, and that fits well and comfortably. -Remove hair ties from your wrists -Ensure that your bra straps aren’t going to stick out from your outfit. Find a strapless, nude bra that fits properly if you’re going to wear strapless, halter, or short sleeve tops. -Make sure that your footwear isn’t scuffed, damaged, or stained and if your shoes can be polished, they should be polished prior to your shoot. -Bring any props you want with you the day of!

What you do, what you wear, and what you look like in a photo can be something you would never do, wear, or look like in real life. Try wearing colors and clothes that clash. Buy or borrow outfits or accessories that you'd never actually wear in public. Feel free to make a fool of yourself. You'd be surprised how many "outtake" shots end up being models' absolute favorites.


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